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30 beauty buys under $30 – Part 1

Attractiveness products that are great don’t need to burn a hole in your own pocket.

Life make-up artists’ pockets and pored through the ledges of department stores personal care shops and multi-brand beauty boutiques.

The end result? A listing of 30 value for money attractiveness buys – skincare, haircare, make up and makeup tools – that every costs $30 or less.

Other personal care items which are comparatively cost-effective, body washes, deodorants and shampoos were left out. All of the people about the list are from merchandise categories where items regularly price $30 and above.

Some are awardwinning; some are products that makeup experts can’t do without; yet others are time favourites. A smattering are new starts that score when it comes to inventiveness. But something they’ve in keeping: each one is worth every penny.


1. NYX Matte Lipstick in 05 Indie Film, $12, from Sephora stores

Few superior brands with high-priced lipsticks offer this kind of creamy matte formula with intense pigments. This orangey-red color that flatters most skin colors is directly on pattern.

2. Kate $14.50,, Eyebrow Colour N from chosen personal care stores consisting of Watsons

Kate Tokyo from Japan is among the favourite drugstore brands that are cosmetic of Life. Its extensive variety of great- linings quality eyeshadows, mascaras and brow products seldom cost more than $30.

One particularly great buy is this eyebrow mascara, which comes in four brownish colors that are extreme enough to lighten dark hair colours. In addition, it has a moderate hold on eyebrow hairs that are dirty.

Make-up artist Kenneth Lee uses the eyebrows of his customers neaten and to lighten.

3. Majolica Majorca Lash King Mascara, $25.90, from chosen Watsons stores

The mascara is combined with lightweight 5mm- fibres to make lashes curled, long and fluttery. Numerous drugstore mascaras brands leave lashes clumpy hard and crunchy – this one doesn’t.

Majolica Majorca is a masstige label by attractiveness heavyweight Shiseido.

4. CNP Laboratory Anti-pore Black Head Clear Package, $14.10 for a carton of 3 sets, from Guardian stores

This twostep merchandise is a powerful and gentle solution to eliminate blackheads. Put a sheet mask that’s soaked with a blackhead clearing solution of witchhazel and peppermint infusion on the affected place. Lift the sheet after a quarter hour and you’ll notice blackheads. Remove having a cotton bud and placed on the Pore Tightening Mask to complete.

5. Etude House My Attractiveness Tool Secret Brush 121 Epidermis, $22.90, from Etude House

Most makeup brushes function and appear like paint brushes. This foundation brush looks like a tooth brush in function and shape – use it to mix base in a round movement on face. There are similar brushes from higher priced brands like Artis and M.A.C.

We enjoy those that cost four times more in addition to the Etude House version since the round and compact brush works. It combines base on your skin easily and efficiently. This brush has a replaceable powder puff. But don’t anticipate this brush to last you for a long time – its quality is as bad as the higher priced brushes.