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6 Hairstyles for When You Don’t Have Time To Wash Your Hair (I)

You only do not need to wash your hair. Star hairstylist Tommy Buckett will be here to save your valuable (bad hair) morning–no matter your hair texture!– with 6 stunning, wash-not-essential styles you’ll be able to bang out with assistance from dry shampoo: your BFF.

Use Buckett’s go-to technique: Component your hair in one inch increments from your own left ear across your head completely for your right ear, concentrating the dry shampoo in the root (using the nozzle about 8 inches apart) each time you part it. Afterward, utilize the same method from your own hairline completely back towards the nape of one’s neck to make sure you have evenly spread the dust onto all your roots.

1. The Pretty Pony

Use dry shampoo, such as Garnier Fructis Haircare Volume Extend Immediate Bodifier Dry Shampoo, on your roots using the technique of Buckett, then tease down your hair  the center having a rattail comb. Separate your hair into five sections in the crown of one’s head for your hairline. Beginning at the crown, tease five times to that section of hair. Subsequently, going toward your hairline, tease the following two times, the following section four times, then the following section three times, and eventually tease the section at your hairline. “Using that method provides the hair structure so the teasing does not fall flat,” he says. Next, carefully split up the teased hair together with your fingertips and gently clean it again from hairline to crown, utilizing a boar bristle brush. Brush your hair up into a ponytail, fastening it with an elastic band. Roll a sliver of hair throughout the hair tie, keep it in position using a bobby pin, and you also are done!