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6 Tips on How To Straighten Thick Hair

Go from the curly-haired girl: aligning thick hair to appear “flowy” and light isn’t as easy as it appears. People who keep their thick tresses looking gorgeous and straight should go through a long process of drying and design prior to it may search the way it will if they going the door. Thick hair needs time and patience, particularly when your preferred appearance is a perfect pin-straight do. Thick hair typically implies it is large, which could weigh down the style that took permanently to accomplish to top off it. In order to handle this issue, add some layers and some have actually chosen to “weaken” their hair, making it easier to work with and less heavy. Nevertheless, despite these features, it may be a challenging as desired to style and straighten.

In order to research the very best tips for aligning thick hair, I chose to connect to connect to professional Niccola Bowen, a professional hairstylist based in the UK. Having actually handled numerous kinds of hair (both reducing and design), she rapidly provided me some key points that can reduce time and keep your hair looking as straight while you had actually expected!

1. Ensure your hair is dry

Ensure your hair is totally dry, before using the straightener. You can accomplish this by oxygen-drying your own hair or blow drying it quickly. You do not need to blow-dry, if you are going to be utilizing a straightener it perfectly: “Rough then straighten over the top and dry it until completely dry,” states Niccola. Nevertheless, awaiting your own hair to dry is time intensive, so accelerate the process by utilizing quick-drying items like KMS California Free Form Speedy Blow-Dry, which she likes.

2. Use oils

Though an advocate for temperature- protectant serums and sprays, Niccola discusses that “most products nowadays have [these] buildings.” For this factor, she likewise utilizes oils instead of simply coating it because the hair easily absorbs them. For thick hair, she recommends utilizing Orofluido, which includes linseed oil, argon, and cyperus. “It’s Really A denser item, so itis fantastic for thicker hair,” she states.

You can use this to “smooth any difficult frizzy bits.” over and afterwards to wet hair before styling

3. Prep the flat iron in the right temperature

In some cases your hair may not be aligning rapidly enough, triggering over you hair a lot of times you to run the flat iron. This repetitive movement can really trigger your hair to go fixed! To prevent this, turn the warm up on your straightener. A good guideline: thicker hair, hotter straightener.

4. Align your own hair together with your general design objective in your mind

If you desire your hair to be pin-straight, begin straightening to the top from the bottom layers and divide it into small sections. Glide the straightener just a few times before moving along over each section.

If you desire smoother, instead of green-right, separate it into bigger sections. Niccola recommends running the straightener clamped firmly over each part gradually, so regarding ensure the heat permeates each area, however without just just as much direct connection with the straightener.

5. Brush don’t comb!

When aligning hair, and whilst blow drying, the temptation to brush it (because it is so significantly imposed) can run high. However prior to you doing this, get a comb instead! Unlike whenever your hair is moist,” [brushing] dry hair can trigger split ends and fixed,” she states. Remember her rule: “Brush for comb for wet and dry!”

6. Add volume

Since thick hair has the tendency to be heavier, it is constantly a struggle to provide it volume (particularly after it’s aligned). Attempt drying your hair upside down to raise the roots, if you’re seeking to include some body to your hair. Likewise, utilizing a voluminizing item, like Expensive Clark Volumizing Tonic, prior to you start styling can help to provide your hair a lift. Furthermore, if you’re hair has actually gone flat, Niccola recommends rubbing it in properly and applying some dry shampoo. Not just does it help absorb that annoying oil, however it likewise provide your hair that missing out on volume.

If all these methods do not provide you the volume you’re searching for, it may be best to blow-dry run the straightener through the elements that require a bit more help and then quickly your hair straight.