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A Completely Invisible Dry Shampoo – For Real!

verb dry shampooIt never occurred to me to be picky about what dry shampoo I used. Of course I’d heard pro stylists and celebrities rave about products like Rene Furterer and Klorane dry shampoos. But for myself, I was content to use the very first brand I ever saw at my drug store. There were plenty of nights that I crashed in New York City rather than face the long commute back to my suburban home, and I went through a lot of dry shampoo on those mornings after. Being a bit on the grungy side made me feel like I was a real big-city girl.

Whenever I finished a bottle of my OG-brand dry shampoo (or whenever the nozzle got too gunked up to work properly, which happened a lot), I just went out and replaced it with another bottle, same brand. So what if it gave a greyish tinge to my roots? Who cared if my hair got a bit grimy even as it was volumized and mattified satisfactorily? As a broke actress struggling to make it in the Big Apple, I’d learned that trying upscale products that I couldn’t afford on a regular basis was just a form of self-torture. Better not to know what you’re missing.

To fast forward a bit, I eventually started working as a beauty editor. I got my first big break with a great little indie line of hair products called Verb. The whole product line is awesome – I recommend their Ghost Oil and Volumizing Spray, by the way – but the biggest surprise for me was the dry shampoo. At first I was skeptical about sprinkling a powder directly onto my roots, rather than using a spray, but I quickly realized that this product is truly and entirely invisible. It leaves your hair clean and volumized, with a barely-there fragrance. You won’t feel like there’s anything in your hair at all – not even if you use it for several days running.

And that’s how I became the most cheerfully unwashed woman in NYC.