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Does Celebrity Stylist Marks Blowout Technique Really Last Three Days?

Does Celebrity Stylist Marks Blowout Technique Really Last Three Days? – Part 2

Quite fine, correct? I will confess that it does not seem too different from my normal blowout (to not toot my own horn or anything, however I Have gotten quite proficient at it through the years), however it felt so more supple and larger than it usually does. Additionally, it smelled unbelievable. Here is a front view:

Now, it is been quite humid in NYC all of this week, that is a nightmare for my hair. I sweat like a creature, so any hair style apart from a ponytail is kind of from the question, and after I do put it up, it manages to enlarge to three times its regular size. Having said that, after I Had cooled down some I managed to remove it of the ponytail, and I brought the dry shampoo in my own work bag and just needed to use it twice or once, so that is not bad, I suppose.

But, the following morning, I woke up to something terrible:

I do not understand how nicely the picture shows it, but the whole best side of my head was remarkably oily, the top was completely level (the little number of volume you see up there is a consequence of my throwing my hair about within an attempt to obtain a somewhat flattering photo for your Internet), as well as the frizz was from control. There clearly was no choice except to put it up in a ponytail and keep it there.

From the time I got home that night, and this day was even hotter and much more humid than the day before, I was actually dripping sweat through my hair and around my hairline. It was gross, and frankly, there was no way that only dry shampoo was really going to make any difference. Feeling beat, I stopped the experiment in the two-day mark.

Did Mark Townsend’s three-day blowout technique really work? Not in 90 degree temperature with 85 percent humidity to get a woman who’s abnormally prone to heat and sweat. Having said that, when it gets cooler, I am undoubtedly going to attempt it and my hair is amenable. On the bright side, I absolutely adore the brand new Dove collection. It does not have the conventional smell of all Dove products (guess what happens I mean–that happily unidentifiable coconut-y smell), and my hair did experience alot fresher and more total after utilizing the products as Mark suggested.

Essentially, closing verdict is this: Summer demands to finish so that I can have perfect hair. The ending.