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How to keep your hair healthy and happy all summer – 6 easy tips (II)

4 Hair thinning: Hair thinning is just a major problem when it concerns overall haircare. Frequent trimming sessions inside a period of 30-40 times are recommended, to avoid hair thinning. It will certainly not just contribute to the volume of your hair however will certainly quit it from hair issues like split-ends. Utilization of brush with soft bristles is suggested accompanied with good combing techniques. Do not be severe while detangling your hair after having a shampoo.

5 Protection of colored hair: Preventing heat and humidity is virtually difficult when the sun is scorching hot. The most crucial thing is to conceal your hair with a big beach hat or a scarf as frequently as you can. If you have actually invested more time in the sun, showering next isn’t a bad idea, however mind the temperature level for hot or lukewarm water isn’t advisable. Use cold water instead– the chillier the water, the more the color may certainly stay with your hair. Because it seals the cuticle, a minimum of one shot of cold water in the conclusion of the shower makes your hair shinier. You ought to likewise utilize hair sunscreen with maximum of SPF 10.

6 eliminate sticky hair: those who frequently deal with the problem of sticky hair ought to constantly choose a spray or dry shampoo on of dry shampoo. Mix egg white and lemon, if you wish to treat your hair to a larger extent and wash your hair with this mixture thrice per week. Shikakai can be a natural substance to conquer sticky hair in summers.