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Leann Rimes Wears Grey To Match The Gloomy Day

We dislike that we really believe she looks great!

Yesterday, Leann Rimes ventured out to get lunch at Marmalade Cafe in Calabasas, and the singer dressed in an all grey outfit for the dreary day. Where was hubby Eddie Cibrian? Most likely being his usual d-bag self elsewhere …

As we looked for any news to create this story more fascinating, we came that ol’ LeLe just recently set an airplane fire alarm off by primping in the restroom.

“I believed it was hysterical, really. I didn’t understand a can this big, dry shampoo, would set a fire alarm off, however I think it did. I simply jabbed my going, and the woman stated, ‘What are you performing in there?’ I stated ‘Dry shampoo,’ the entire front of the plane was passing away laughing, so it works, we understand that the smoke alarm works,” she discussed to Extra.

A minimum of she has her appearances opting for her, although her albums always flop!