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Local hair care company specializes in natural ingredients

Anna Kerutis found one of the problems of residing in an arid climate, after going to Mesa in 2004 in the Ukraine.

“In the very first few years here I found the dry air and chlorine in swimming pools made my hair really bad,” said Kerutis.

After years of learning from mistakes she found the benefits of dry shampoo, which didn’t necessitate something understood to damage hair follicles, continuous shampooing and cut back on oily roots. Nevertheless, there were issues with the products she discovered.

She was never completely pleased with all the results of other dry shampoos because they depend on harsh chemicals, she stated, including propylene glycol and sulfates that left her hair damaged at the roots and overly dry.

She’d need to make her own — as she found herself unable to locate a shampoo that satisfied her needs she determined there was actually just one choice left.

So Hair Dance was born.

Requiring the knowledge she’d acquired from years of self-guided research, as she was, Kerutis set out to develop aline of dry shampoos marketed towards those concerned with natural ingredients.

“American consumers are waking to the truth that their life is full of a lot of chemicals, but the majority of US never understood exactly how awful it had been using the chemicals within our hair products,” said Kerutis.

Seeking a professional formulator with expertise working in natural cosmetics out, she discovered a local professional. Collectively they formed Hair Dance.

The purpose of the business is always to supply salon-quality hair care products devoid of dangerous chemicals and all of the unpleasant she says she within competing models.

Hair Dance started selling product in January and Kerutis says she’s had tremendous success with her online store, despite having no foundation in sales.

“So far we’ve 80 percent of our clients returning for repeat business,” she said.

Full of confidence from her on-line success, this past April Kerutis chose to create Hair Dance towards the International Spa and Wellness Convention in Las Vegas, an encounter she states has actually assisted her broaden her marketplace.

“I found that most people were analyzing our designations and asking really good questions regarding the ingredients,” Kerutis said. “This is evidence that people are beginning to actually care more about removing chemicals from their lives.”

She’s not stopping there. Kerutis considers the potential benefits of the products of Hair Dance expand much beyond fixing-informed consumers.

“Our dry shampoo is common not just among people who have greasy roots and dry ends, however likewise with active moms, students, sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts,” she said. “And as the Hair Dance Dry Shampoo is natural, I consider that it’ll be an excellent product for medical facilities and senior living homes.”

Based on Kerutis, her dry shampoo in addition has prevailed in treating scalp and skin conditions like dermatitis and more intense scalp as well as hair issues.

“My doctrine is the fact that nature provides a lot of healing and favorable ingredients that after coupled with modern research it may supply the most effective results,” she said.

To be able to stay as clear as possible, Kerutis has actually declared that she is not going to conceal her ingredients through proprietary branding, a standard practice in business circles where a vague term like “perfume” is used instead of listing the real ingredients.

“We need our clients to understand precisely what’s in our products and let them make educated choices about what they’re purchasing.”