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No One Tells You About The Scary Downside to Dry Shampoo

Look, I do not enjoy this. Like a dry shampoo addict (initial step is confessing you’ve got a trouble, right?), I use the item pretty much daily. When I ‘ve newly washed hair, I discover that occasionally I want a little feel, volume, or oomph — I get all 3 with one quick spray. However seemingly, the Wonder That’s Dry Shampoo is not as harmless as one might believe.

Benjamin Mohapi is right here now having a reality check: “Dry shampoo’s overuse may keep the hair looking dusty as well as a build-up of merchandise on the scalp may cause blocked pores–causing pimples and sometimes even cysts.” WHAT?

It is not false. And it gets worse–do you have problems with dandruff? Dry shampoo buildup is only going to exacerbate the problem.

“Since these powders pile up on the scalp, they are going to also worsen conditions like dry scalp, dandruff, or peeling,” says Color Wow’s aesthetic chemist, Dr. Joseph Cincotta. He has actually invested the previous three decades inventing hair products, so the man type of understands his stuff. “The starches to the scalp may also bring dirt and pollution in addition to become a bacteria’s breeding ground.”.

No, we are refrained from doing yet. Brace yourselves: Like Mohapi, Cincatta cautions that dry shampoo clogs hair follicles, however in addition says that along with pimples and cysts, these clogged follicles often means disruption of “normal hair growth.”

Only when you believed all your hair woes were solved…