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Summer beauty: How to keep your hair looking and feeling fresh

Everyone needs hair that appears healthy, so here is the tips on the best way to get your hair feeling and looking fantastic!


  • Wash your hair 2 to 3 times per week, maximum. Shampoo traps oils, when you clean your hair too often, your hair may get really dry, leaving it prone to breakage
  • Prevent hot showers as this create tangles which could cause breakage as well as may dry out your hair.
  • Purchase shampoo and conditioners which are suitable for your hair type.
  • Use shampoo in your scalp to make sure your hair use conditioner in your ends to treat breakage and is fresh and clean.
  • Ojon perform a wide variety of shampoos and conditioners that fantastic restore a healthy appearance and to treat hair that is damaged.


  • Brush your hair two times each day, in the bottom-up.
  • While hair is wet, brush it, as wet hair is more prone to damage than dry hair and so is prone to break.
  • Keep your brushes clean. Brushes which are covered in hair and products are ‘reproducing premises for bacteria” based on Anna Jimenez.
  • Inbetween washing, if required work with a dry shampoo to maintain your hair feeling fresh. Brush after applying and style as standard. Batiste dry shampoo comes in various colours and may be bought from Boots for $2.66.


  • Do not towel dry hair. Damage can be caused by nearly towel drying hair as hair is more delicate when wet.
  • Use protective treatments like Kerastase Nectar Thermique which you’ll be able to get for $20.50 in the Kerastase website.
  • Utilize a low-heat setting for hair pointing down the nozzle, keeping the dryer at a space and drying.
    Try and cut back on using heat-styling tools because they are able to damage hair, creating separate ends and which makes it feel dry.
  • After drying, utilize a hair oil and rub through completions of your hair. We recommend Moroccan oil Treatment that you can purchase from for $31.85.


  • Use a hair mask at least one time a month to support shine and softness that will leave your hair looking and feeling fantastic. A popular hair mask Is Pantene Deep Repair Masque Repair & Shield which you’ll be able to get from Amazon for $4.49.
  • Hair could be damaged incredibly chilly atmosphere by sunlight, and air pollution. You may also put on a swim cap should you go swimming, to take care of your hair from chlorine and can put on a hat made to safeguard you from these environmental factors.
  • Wear them, should you wear hairbands. Prevent hairdos that can pull and place pressure on scalp and your hair like a closely- pulled on braids or ponytail. It is possible to bring about baldness should you pull on your hair too closely.


  • Trim your hair regularly. Your hair wills freshen and allow you to begin replacing damaged locks with new ones that are healthy. Plan to get whether your hair is short or long. It will freshen your appearance each time, even in the event that you simply get half an inch trimmed down.


  • For luscious locks, there are various foods you might eat. Firstly, you must get a nicely balanced diet. Some foods that could keep your hair healthy contain; sweet potatoes, walnuts, oysters, salmon, eggs, spinach, peas, greek yogurt, blueberries and poultry.


  • Water is crucial. An appropriate allocation of water for people is 2.5 litres.