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How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair? – Less Is More

Many of us are starting to question whether or not we really need to wash our hair as often as we do. For a long time, we have assumed that if we didn’t use shampoo every single day, we would have smelly, unhygienic hair. In reality, washing your hair a few times a week with […]

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How does Dry Shampoo Work

How does Dry Shampoo Work? & What Is in Dry Shampoo?

On days you can NOT use traditional shampoo and water, dry shampoo refreshes and cleans your hair. Here is a look at whether dry shampoo works or not and what it does actually. What Is Dry Shampoo? Dry shampoo is a fast-evaporating liquid or a powder that works into your hair, removing excess sebum and […]

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