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The best hairstyles for your workout

Do not let the hassle of redoing your hair stop you from remaining active. We got the game plan for Matrix Australia from hairstylist Uros Mikic and creative director.

Is it damaging to your hair dry and to wash it daily after sport?

After sports may avoid any growth of bacteria, it’s really much better within the long run, as washing and drying your hair. In addition, turn creating more oils, which may result in an oily scalp and in the scalp isn’t fighting to dry your hair. To minimise damage that is styling, keep other heated tools on minimal heat and your hairdryer.

Any tips to make it possible to come back to work right following a workout?

Use dry shampoo to eliminate moisture from the scalp and a number of the oils, and roll hair in a bun. Do yourself a favour by not carrying your hair down following a workout – keep your smelly hair upward and away!

Besides appearing unattractive, is not perspiration good for your hair?

It is not healthy, although it is not bad for your hair. You need to wash it outside as soon as possible, as you’re risking an itchy scalp, rashes or infections as an accumulation of perspiration suffocates hair folicles.

Different sports need different hairstyles. Exactly what do you advocate for all these options?

Yoga: Top knot – it’ll make sure that you remain cool, as the scalp is breathing and it keeps the hair from the face.

Jogging or cardio: In case you’ve layers that are long ponytail. An option for shorter hair is a braid on the other side of the front.

Swimming: Wet your hair down before you go into the pool and level-wrap it around your head and put the cap over it. This may provide you with a sleek, clean look. Place additional conditioner in your hair before you go swimming to keep from chlorine. Wash with a nourishing shampoo out hair throughly.