17 Uses for Dry Shampoo – that you’ve probably never thought of

new uses dry shampoo eyebrows1. Taming Wild Brows

In an emergency, dry shampoo can be used to bring some order to unruly eyebrows. Sprinkle a tiny amount on your finger and apply to your eyebrows in order to shape and add a little thickness. If your skin is sensitive, test a little of the product somewhere inconspicuous first, such as under your earlobe.

2. Touch up roots

You can now find dry shampoos in a variety of colors. If your roots are beginning to show, dab a little colored dry shampoo along your part and hairline to hide the evidence until you have time for a proper root touch-up with your stylist.

3. Add color dimension

If you find a color that’s close to that of your hair, you can create a subtle lowlight or highlight effect. For best results, apply the tinted dry shampoo starting halfway down the hair shaft and working toward the ends.new uses dry shampoo braid

4. Get some traction

Squeaky-clean hair that’s just been washed is often too slippery to stay in an up-do or braids. Adding a bit of dry shampoo will give hair just enough texture to stay in place when it is styled.

5. Volumize

If you have limp, fine hair, try adding a small amount of dry shampoo, in either powder or spray form, focusing on your roots. Flip your hair over; then use your blow-dryer on a high setting for a couple of minutes. Finish with a few seconds on the cool air setting. Note that your hair should be dry before you apply the dry shampoo. This product turns into a sticky mess if you use it on wet hair.

6. Spot styling

Because it adds volume and grip, dry shampoo is good for adding details to your style. Add some along the length of your hairline and work your curls or waves into a face-framing shape.

7. Teasing

If you tease (or backcomb) your hair, first add some dry shampoo on the back of the hair sections to hold the style in place for longer.new uses dry shampoo bobbypin

8. Pin it

Do your barrettes and bobby pins slip and slide around in your hair? Try spraying pins and barrettes with dry shampoo first, and then they will grip your hair more securely.

9. No more grease

In hot weather in particular, your bangs and the hair around your face can get oily and get stuck on your skin. Apply a small amount of dry shampoo to the underside of face-faming bangs and hair to avoid this.

10. The messy look

To create a tousled, sassy style in short hair, apply some dry shampoo through all your hair (not just roots) and use your fingers to mess it up.new uses dry shampoo sneakers

11. Sneaker saver

Dry shampoos almost always contain starch to absorb oil, so you can use them as you would use cornstarch in many household applications. Try spraying dry shampoo on to smelly sneakers. After they’ve been sitting for several hours or even overnight, brush away the residual powder. The fact that dry shampoos are scented helps too!

12. The reset button

If you want to re-style your hair, but you don’t want to go through the trouble of shampooing and drying it, just use a little dry shampoo and work it over with a hair brush or blow-dryer. Now it’s closer to its natural state and you can style it.

13 The matte look

Use some dry shampoo to take the edge off your hair’s shine if you’re going for a matte look in your style.new uses dry shampoo sweat

14. Stay cool

As you know, dry shampoos are designed to absorb sweat and oil. In an emergency you can use it on your thighs or back to fight perspiration.

15. Emergency carpet cleaner

Did someone spill something oily on your carpet? Cover the stain with non-tinted dry shampoo. After around 20 minutes, vacuum the area.

16. Waves

All-over waves can be overkill, but try separating a small piece of your hair, applying dry shampoo and twisting it into waves. It will look like you were at the beach all day!new uses dry shampoo dry hands

17. Cool hand

Applying a small amount of dry shampoo to hands will keep them dry and cool. Try it right before your yoga class and your downward dog will have more traction.