5 Surprising Ways to Use Dry Shampoo

get irresistably second-day sexy hair by using dry shampooDry shampoo doesn’t just give you second-day hair that is sexy and irresistible like this; it can also help you in several other surprising ways. Read on to find how it works.

1. Keep your curls from clumping together

Want your curls to be imperfect and piece-y? Keep them in an uniform wave by  spraying a dry shampoo with starch or silica based formula all over your hair after curling it. The starch or silica coats your hair and makes it matte and dry, covering the natural oils of your hair, so your curls don’t make a master wave and intertwine.

2. Boost volume in a single spray

Flip your head upside down, because the gravity will help boost the volume while you add in the dry shampoo. Next, be sure to focus the dry shampoo on your roots, and then finish by spraying dry shampoo all over to add some volume and texture all around.

3. When you backcomb, it helps lock in your hair

If you want to build an updo involving backcombing, You could spray dry shampoo in the section, after that, backcomb it to assist lock in the tease. It holds so much better that way.

4. Add grip to bobby pins

When you are doing an updo, spray dry shampoo all over your hair to give them some grip first. This could prevent bobby pins from moving or slipping out of your hair. This trick is used on the celebrities by some  hairstylists to ensure celebrities’ hair stays in place when they walk down the runway.

5. Provide a subtle hold to your hair

Unlike hairspray, dry shampoo will not leave you with helmet hair. It offers a little touchable hold that you still can run through your hair.