Is it better to put oil in your hair wet or dry?

Best Answer: It depends on the result you are seeking. Applying oil on wet hair means less shine, but there are other benefits, such as detangling and heat protection before blowdrying. On dry hair, the shine factor is higher and you will get better frizz, UV and pollution protection.FAQWhen should I apply oil to my … Read more

Should I put oil on my hair before washing?

Best Answer: Always apply oil before washing your hair“We all know that oil is a great moisturizer and if you want to keep your mane hydrated and frizz-free then you must apply oil before washing your hair,” explains Dr Kapoor. She also adds that hair oil protects the scalp from harsh chemicals.FAQIs oil better on … Read more

How can I remove hair from my face permanently?

Best Answer: What are your options for removal?Electrolysis. Electrolysis involves the use of shortwave radio frequencies distributed through fine needles placed directly into your hair follicles.Laser hair removal.Prescription creams.Professional tweezing and waxing.Chemical depilation.FAQWhat kills facial hair growth?If a person wants to remove their facial hair permanently, they can try electrolysis. Electrolysis destroys the growth of … Read more

Why is my African hair so dry?

Best Answer: Fros don’t absorb as much moisture as our caucasian cousins’ hair, added to this the structure of our hair (curls and kinks, and increased density) means that nutrients often don’t travel along the length of our strands as well as we’d like.FAQWhat is the best way to moisturize natural hair?HOW-TO: Keep natural hair … Read more

How do you mix henna for best results?

Best Answer: Method:Add a cup of henna powder to a cup of fresh green tea.Create a smooth paste.Keep the mixture overnight.Add a few drops of lemon in the morning.Apply the mixture to hair and leave it on for 30 minutes.Wash it all off Apply once a month for best results.FAQHow do you mix henna for … Read more

How do you measure a wheelchair size?

Best Answer: Basic MeasurementsSeat Width; Measured from the widest aspect of the user’s buttocks, hips or thigh.Seat Depth; Measured from the user’s posterior buttock, along the lateral thigh to the popliteal fold with your palm horizontal to the seat.FAQWill a standard wheelchair fit through a 30 inch door?Most standard wheelchair sizes range from 25in-36in wide, … Read more

Is layered hair easy to manage?

Best Answer: Layer-cuts can uniquely express your style and attitude, and it is easy to style and manage to boot. Layering hair is recommended for very thick as well as for thin hair. The bulk of thick hair is reduced and thin hair appears more structured. Quite often, thin hair looks limp and clings to … Read more

How can I make my arm hair finer?

Best Answer: Use an electric hair trimmer with an adjustable blade to trim hair. Do not shave all the way down. Your shorter arm hair will make it look a lot thinner. Use a depilatory cream.FAQIs it okay to bleach arm hair?Turns out bleaching is safe“The biggest health concern would be irritation from using the … Read more

Do I apply olive oil to wet or dry hair?

Best Answer: Apply the oil on dry areas of hair or scalp, which will vary from person-to-person. Cover the hair with a shower cap and let the oil sit on the hair for about 15 minutes. Rinse the oil out of the hair with warm water. Shampoo the hair, repeating this step if the olive … Read more

What does avocado do to your hair?

Best Answer: Avocado is a great source of biotin, and adding this B-complex vitamin back into the diet may help hair to grow more healthily. A 2015 study found that minerals in avocado oil, including potassium and magnesium, may seal cuticle cells, which can help hair look smooth and shiny and prevent it from breaking.FAQDo … Read more