Clarifying Shampoo For Color Treated Hair

You’ve just colored your hair, and you love it. It’s beautiful and vibrant and you wish it would stay like that forever. But maybe you’ve been noticing lately that your style won’t stay the way you like it. It looks a bit dry, dull and lifeless. Is there anything you can do? If this describes your hair situation, you could use a good clarifying shampoo for color treated hair specifically, formulated to help the color last for longer. If you use a lot of styling products such as sprays, waxes or gel, you will notice that they leave behind a residue on your scalp and hair, and that ordinary shampoo doesn’t get rid of it. The oils naturally produced by your scalp, and chemicals like chlorine also contribute to this buildup problem. Buildup can make your hair unmanageable and dull. Clarifying shampoos contain ingredients specifically aimed at removing the nasty buildup and returning your hair to its healthy shiny condition. Try to find a clarifying product that is specifically meant for colored hair. If the line of products you usually prefer doesn’t include a shampoo like this, try to find a clarifying treatment that is low in sulfates or sulfate-free. Unfortunately, a lot of clarifying shampoos can cause your vibrant color to fade. Use clarifiers on an infrequent basis, and keep using your usual shampoo between clarifying treatments. Use the clarifier weekly, or if the color starts to fade, twice per month. You need to have a good quality conditioner, and use it after every clarifying treatment to keep your hair in manageable condition. If you follow these steps, you’ll see a big improvement as your hair returns to its former glory.

Top 3 Clarifying Shampoos For Color Treated Hair

These products are strongly recommended clarifying shampoos that work well with colored hair:

Apple Cider Clarifying Shampoo from Fekkai

Fekkai Apple Cider Clarifying ShampooThis product is among the highest rated customer choices for a clarifying shampoo that’s safe for colored hair. Frederick Fekkai is a familiar name amongst those who know their high-end hair and beauty products. This stylist from France started his first American salon in 1989 in New York. The company flourished, and now Fekkai owns salons in all of the most fashionable cities across the globe. However, his hair products are available at ordinary retail shops, wherever you live. According to Fekkai, nobody starts out with bad or ugly hair, and he has designed products that seem to prove his theory. This Apple Cider Clarifying Shampoo comes from a line of products that Fekkai created to return hair to its former health and beauty, including color-treated hair. Using it allows you to make the most of what you’ve got. The manufacturer recommends that you use it every weekend, and it is completely safe if you’ve color-treated your hair. Sodium laureth sulfate is the main clarifying agent, and it is particularly good at dissolving residue from silicone-based products. The shampoo also contains apple cider vinegar (not surprisingly), verbena and rosemary. The fragrance is of apples rather than vinegar and it will leave your hair feeling squeaky-clean. This product is also excellent for naturally oily hair, because the acids in the vinegar help remove excess oil. Use the conditioner recommended by the manufacturer and you will have vibrant hair to style. The healthy shine will get you plenty of compliments!

Clarifying Shampoo Three, from Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell Clarifying Shampoo ThreeIf there is such a thing as a hair styling empire, Paul Mitchell would be the most likely candidate. The brand name evokes exclusive salons, top cosmetology schools, and high-end hair products. Friends Paul Mitchell and John Paul DeJoria founded this company in 1980, and it’s still considered an innovator and leader in the industry. With a reputation build on quality ingredients and reasonable prices, this line of products is a favorite with consumers. This latest clarifying product in the line is called Shampoo Three, and it will not damage or fade colored hair. This shampoo can also work miracles on hair that gets a lot of exposure to swimming-pool chlorine. As with all clarifiers, Shampoo Three contains surfactants to break up the built-up residue left by styling products. This shampoo’s special ingredient is cocamide MEA, which is a highly effective cleansing agent. The fresh fragrance of citrus, as well as the luxurious lather, will make your shower a rejuvenating experience. This is a gentle product, but you should still be careful not to use it more often than recommended. All chemical treatments – perming, straightening and coloring – will make your hair weaker. Shampoo Three has the added benefit of strengthening weak hair, leaving it healthy, strong, and beautiful.

Daily Cleanse Shampoo from Ted Gibson

Ted Gibson Daily Cleanse ShampooHave you always wanted to have more in common with Zoe Seldona and Angelina Jolie? Ted Gibson is a stylist to the stars, and knows how to make women look like a million bucks. His product line has become hugely successful, and you may be familiar with him from watching What Not to Wear. His motto is “Hair changes everything” and he has turned shrinking violets into beauties with his methods. Although this shampoo is billed as an everyday cleanser, it also works well as a clarifier. The signature ingredient is Wild Orchid Complex, which restores hair and protects it from damage. This ingredient also locks in moisture to maintain shine and vibrant color. The clarifying agents, sodium laureth sulfate and disodium laureth sulfosuccinate work both gently and effectively. Perhaps the best part of this product is the scent, which is dominated by orchid but also includes botanicals that give a long-lasting and fresh floral scent. One potential risk with clarifying shampoo is the dryness caused by over-use. This product has silicone polymers which help your hair stay hydrated by penetrating every strand of hair. You will have flexible, shiny, clean and healthy hair that is worthy of the red carpet! Is it a good idea to use clarifying shampoo if your hair is color-treated? You definitely should, because the right products make it completely safe. These shampoos are not used on a daily basis, so don’t be afraid to pay a bit more for one that will really make a difference to your hair — the bottle will last you much longer than your daily shampoo. You have already spent money on a good color treatment, so don’t let the investment go to waste by not maintaining your hair with an appropriate clarifier. If you treat your hair well, it will treat you well in turn. You might not be a Hollywood movie star, but you can have healthy beautiful hair that is worthy of one.