DIY Dry Shampoo – 100% All Natural Ingredients

I’ve never been that girl who washes her hair every day. Frankly speaking, between flat-ironing and blow-drying, and the shampoo and the conditioner, it just takes way too much effort. However, it isn’t just laziness. Too much straightening or blow-drying is also very hard on your hair. Therefore, I usually wash my hair only about twice a week, unless I’m doing lots of sweating, which is not often. With this easy homemade dry shampoo, I keep any greasy and dirty roots at bay in between washings. I used to use baby powder, however for my brown hair; this combination appears to work the best of all I’ve tried. It also smells fantastic! Although you could also buy an aerosol version, honestly, this homemade recipe works just as well and more importantly, is SO much cheaper.
  • Things You Need for Homemade Dry shampoo
    Things You Need:
    • - A small plastic or glass container with lid
    • - A quarter cup of cornstarch
    • - Two tablespoons cocoa powder
    • - Two to four drops of essential oil (Personally, I like peppermint or cinnamon)