DIY Dry Shampoo – Perfect For Brunettes

DIY Dry Shampoo - Perfect For BrunettesWere you as happy as we were to witness good old dry shampoo becoming a mainstream product and a must-have item in every woman’s makeup kit? This is mostly thanks to the matte-hair look that’s so trendy right now. It’s no exaggeration to say that these hair powders have been life-changing. If you can find exactly the right product, you can save yourself hours each week, and you’ll also be saving your hair from the damage cause by too much shampooing and styling. There’s just one catch: A lot of these dry shampoos are untinted and can leave your hair looking grayish. This may not show up on blond hair, but for brunettes it can be a deal-breaker. It is possible to buy dry shampoos that have been tinted (Bumble and Bumble is a good example), but it’s also easy to make your own. Our editor shared a formula that uses just two ingredientscocoa powder and arrowroot. Here’s what you do: mix one tablespoon of cocoa powder with two tablespoons of arrowroot. If your hair is very dark, you may want to increase the amount of cocoa powder. Keep it in an empty makeup jar or any airtight container. Dust a little on your roots, and you can skip your shampoo for a day, or even several days. Brilliant! If you have red hair, try substituting cinnamon for the cocoa powder to better match your color. Who wouldn’t want volumized, grease-free hair with a scent of chocolate or cinnamon? This could be the next big thing!