Get ready in a flash — my favorite ways to speed up your beauty routine

Woman-doing-her-morning-routineIn the morning, getting ready doesn’t have to be time consuming or chaotic. Shave time off your morning beauty routine with these simple tricks and tips.

Prepare the night before

Do whatever you can the night before, from packing your children’s backpacks to shaving your legs. By doing the legwork before bed, you can cut your morning beauty routine in half. Preparation is half the battle.
  • Take a shower. Before you go to bed, shave your legs and wash your hair, so that in the morning you don’t have to be stuck without hot water or battle for the bathroom.
  • Got kids? Check over homework, sign permission slips, pack their lunches and get their coats and backpacks prepared by the front door.
  • Plan what to wear. Plan a week’s worth of outfits every Sunday. Hang the items, including all the accessories, you can and will wear each day together. Put outfits together in the drawers — underwear, socks, shirt and pants for each day — when you’re doing the children’s laundry. Lay out the outfit, including the accessories, undergarments and shoes, you’re going to wear the next day. If every night, all your family members do this, you will never be running late because someone can’t find their favorite tee, you find a zipper needs to be fixed or a spot on your blouse.

Never skip breakfast

In the morning, you shouldn’t skip breakfast which is the most important and valued meal of the day, no matter how rushed you are. A quick breakfast does not necessarily mean resorting to fast food drive-thru burgers or grabbing a donut. Yogurt, granola, fresh fruit and instant oatmeal are all healthy and quick. Prep-ahead breakfasts can also be a great option. Bake a casserole within the slow cooker overnight, or make several hard-boiled eggs. Make breakfast burritos, waffles or pancakes ahead of time. Wrap and freeze them individually. Just pop one in the microwave or toaster in the morning.

Simplify your beauty routine

In the morning, lots of women get hung up in the bathroom getting their hair just right or putting on a beautiful face. Get your bathroom organizedTry to cut down your beauty routine to 10 minutes or less.
  • Get a good haircut: In the morning, it shouldn’t take forever to blow dry your hair. Tell your hairstylist that a wash and go cut is what you want, which requires little work to look great.
  • Consider semi-permanent makeup: If you’re a girl who can’t go out without eye makeup, consider getting your brows and lashes tinted. To speed up your beauty routine, you can also get ‘permanent’ eyeliner.
  • Use makeup that can do double-duty: Simplify your beauty routine with multipurpose skin care products and makeup. Use all-in-one products like CC cream to conceal, protect and moisturize your skin; Thicken your lashes by an eyelash tint to seem like you have eyeliner on; a cheek and lip tint; an eye shadow stick which doubles as a shadow and liner. All these stuff will help speed up your routine.
  • Choose fast-acting products: You don’t want clumpy lashes, although you don’t want to wait hours for your mascara to dry between the coats. So select one that dries quickly, or even better,  one that just needs one coat to look lush and dark.

Get your bathroom organized

Organization is the key to ensuring your beauty routine plans become a reality. If you keep your beauty products and tools organized, A 5-minute face is doable. Knowing exactly where everything is will cut your time almost in half and speed up your routine. Utilize vintage jars for storing mascaras, brushes and pencils, and try trays for stacking lipsticks and compacts.