Good Clarifying Shampoo

On your scalp, you may have seen a waxy opaque substance after you shampoo your hair. Maybe your hair is less manageable than it once was, or it is looking dull and lifeless. Do you have frustrating days where your hair just doesn’t do what you want, even though you haven’t changed anything about your hair care? If so, the culprit is probably buildup. This problem is very common with all types of hair. Hairsprays, waxes, mousses and gels contain substances that can stick to your scalp and hair, and ordinary shampoo does nothing to get rid of them. Oils and heavy conditioners can also cause gunk to build up on your hair. A certain amount of buildup is inevitable, because residue can be left behind even by hard water or other environmental pollutants that you have little control over. But don’t chop off all of your hair just yet – there’s a simple solution to this problem. A good clarifying shampoo will fix this issue. Clarifying shampoos work like magic because they contain ingredients known as surfactant. These ingredients are specially designed to dissolve and remove the particles of residue on every strand of your hair. When reading the ingredients on your shampoo label look for disodium laureth sulfosuccinate, sodium cocoyl isethionate, sodium lauryl, or lauryl sulfate. Used as directed, clarifying shampoo can restore your hair’s health and shine without damaging it in the process. Everyone needs to use a clarifying treatment at least sometimes. How often you use it depends on a number of different factors, but in general you shouldn’t use clarifying shampoo more often than once a week. If your hair is chemically-treated or delicate, once every two weeks is better. Used too often, clarifying shampoo can strip away too much natural oil and other protectants from your hair. It can even damage your hair’s outer layer if you over-use it. To properly use this kind of shampoo, use a nickel-sized amount of the product and work it into your hair for a minimum of one minute. Rinse thoroughly and repeat with a smaller amount. This time, leave the shampoo in for about three minutes (about as long as it takes you to sing your favorite pop song). Rinse very thoroughly and follow by conditioning as usual. Now your hair is ready to be dried and styled. Your good hair day will be a hit with everyone! There are so many choices available, that we thought we’d narrow it down to a list of the three best clarifying shampoos available.

Anti-Residue Shampoo from Neutrogena

Neutrogena Anti Residue FormulaFor decades, dermatologists have recommended Neutrogena’s products for a very good reason: This line of products is known mostly for using gentle ingredients that are safe for sensitive hair and skin. This Anti-Residue Shampoo no exception and is also available everywhere at an affordable price. Use this widely-respected product every week to remove residue left by impurities in water, air pollution, and hair styling products. You only need to use a small quantity applied to wet hair. Don’t be surprised if the foam seems unusually rich; that merely shows that the surfactant (sodium laureth sulfosuccinate) is working as it should. This surfactant allows water to bind to oil and residue, lifting it off your hair where it can be rinsed away. If strong fragrances cause problems for you, or if your skin is very sensitive, Neutrogena clarifying shampoo is your best option. If you have colored or chemically-treated hair, it is best to use this shampoo only once every two weeks. You know best when it comes to your own hair, so if you need an extra bit of cleaning, reach for this clarifying shampoo. You will be glad you did.

Clarifying Shampoo Three, from Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell Clarifying Shampoo ThreeThe very name of this brand conjures up images of top cosmetology schools, high-end salons, and superior-quality hair products. For over four decades, Paul Mitchell has been an innovator and industry leader, originating trends and meeting existing needs. No doubt this clarifying shampoo will join the ranks as an award-winning product and one of Paul Mitchell’s most acclaimed hair products. This clarifying treatment is recommended to swimmers whose hair is regularly subjected to chorine, and it is even safe on colored hair. The most important ingredient, cocamide MEA, is both gentle and effective. The fragrance of citrus will enliven your senses while the cleansing agents remove all the unwanted buildup. Another big benefit is that this shampoo strengthens your hair as it cleans. Beautiful hair starts with having strong, healthy hair. Clarifying Shampoo Three may feel luxurious, but it is also very affordable, and your hair will thank you for using it!

Clarify Purifying Shampoo from Quantum

Quantum Clarify Purifying ShampooAnd now for something for those of you who love to color your hair. You can get residue buildup too, so you also need to use clarifying shampoo. Relaxed and permed hair also have the same issues with buildup. However, using the wrong clarifier on chemically treated hair can strip or damage it, so you’ll be glad to know that Quantum has you covered. Quantum, from the same group that includes Shiseido and Zotos brands, makes the best clarifying product for your needs. All of these brands produce high-end beauty products, and are worth the money you pay for them. You never have to feel guilty using these products because they are never tested on animals, but only by stylists. There’s even more about this product that will make you feel good. Quantum describes its Mico-V technology as a formula designed to protect, nourish and clean your hair. Micro-V contains silk proteins, amino acids and keratin, as well as sunscreens and vitamins to protect and nourish your hair. Son you’ll be washing away the unwelcome buildup of minerals, chlorine, and product residues! It’s also a good idea to use this Clarify Purifying shampoo right before you color or chemically treat your hair. It will prepare your hair and help you obtain the best possible results. Investing in a good clarifying shampoo will help you to always look your very best. Because you only use it on occasion, a bottle will last you much longer than your regular shampoo, which may help you put the cost in perspective. With a good clarifier, you can use wax to texture your hair, mousse to add volume, gel to create spikes, and hairspray to hold everything in place. You’ll be able to stay ahead of the buildup by using your clarifying shampoo on a regular basis, and your hair will always be at its best!