How to Extend Your Hair Color

Is your colored hair looking dull, brassy or mousey instead of red, blonde or brunette? If your hair color fades long before it should, here are some techniques and products that can help you win the battle against fading.
Pravana Pure Light Brightening Shampoo
Pravana Pure Light Brightening Shampoo

Brightening Shampoos for Blonde

People often complain that their blonde colored or highlighted hair can start to take on a brassy hue after some weeks. Minerals in your tap water, environmental pollutants, and color that didn’t quite adhere during the process can all cause this effect. Before you run back to your stylist, try using brightening shampoo a couple of times every week. Your hair will immediately look brighter and less brassy, and you won’t have to pay salon prices.

Brighten Reds and Enhance Browns

Ted Gibson Color Shampoo
Ted Gibson Color Shampoo
Color depositing shampoo is my favorite trick for brown and red hair. Used one or two times every week, these products add a subtle hint of color and keep your hair looking vibrant between visits to the salon.

Color Extending Shampoo/Conditioners for Every Day

Redken color extend
Redken color extend
These products are a must-have for daily care. Color-extending conditioners and shampoos lock color in by hydrating, are free of sulfates, and block UV light to stop colors from fading due to sun exposure. Again, you won’t need to head back to the salon as soon!

UV -Blocking Treatments

Loreal Series Expert Absolut Repair Lactic Acid Shampoo
L’oreal Repair Lactic Acid Shampoo
The sun is probably the main cause of fading hair color, especially if your hair is a vibrant red or rich brunette. To stop the UV rays from fading your hair color, consider protecting your hair the same way you would protect the rest of your body.

Some More Tricks to Extend Color

There are some tricks you can use that don’t cost anything, as they don’t involve buying special products.
  • Keep your cool: Use cooler water to wash (and especially to rinse) your hair. The cool water will aid in sealing the cuticle, making your hair shiny and keeping the color vibrant for longer.
  • Extend color by shampooing less often: Daily use of shampoo may be washing the color away from your hair. Experiment with going one or two days between washes to keep the color looking good for longer.
  • Wear a Hat: Hats are the ultimate in chic, so why not wear one sometimes to protect your hair from the sun?