How to Make Dry Shampoo

DIY Dry Shampoo
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Although dry shampoo has been a popular time saver, have you ever priced it? Youch….Read on to find out how to create your own dry shampoo in 5 minutes or less, and you will NOT have to pay for convenience. Time Required: 5 minutes or even less Difficulty: Easy Here is what you need:
  • A hair brush
  • Corn starch, flour, baking soda, ground oatmeal or corn meal (whichever one is handy)
  • (optional) Essential oils
Here’s How:
  1. Sprinkle a small amount of the powder in your hair.
  2. Use your fingers to work the powder into your hair.
  3. To remove the powder, brush your hair, and all of the excess oils will come with it! (How does it work?)
  1. Like perfumed dry shampoo? Try to customize the recipe by adding 2-4 drops of essential oil. (You wouldn’t want any accidental ingestions, so make sure to label the container where you store your dry shampoo.
  2. Prefer to use it on a regular basis? Just fill a shaker, and keep that in the bathroom.
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