My Number One Pick for Dry Shampoo

My Favorite Dry ShampooI’ve had limp, fine, oily hair for my entire life, or at least since I was old enough to notice. I’ve changed the length and style of my hair from time to time through the years, but the texture has always been the same. It’s still oily and thin and it sticks to my scalp and just hangs there limply. The only way I knew to deal with it was to shampoo daily, but that seemed to make it even greasier, and the frequent blow-drying didn’t do my hair any favors either. Long story short, I was at the end of my rope.

As teenagers, my friends and I tried putting baby powder on our hair to make it look less oily. It sort of worked, but unfortunately, baby powder tends to look and smell just like what it is – baby powder. Next I tried using cornstarch, and although the lack of scent was an improvement, it really wasn’t possible to distribute it evenly throughout my roots and hair. After a while I just gave up and went back to shampooing every single day. It was either that look like a greaser every day at school.

Not too long ago, the dry shampoo niche exploded with a huge variety of new products. I couldn’t wait to give these a try, and I went through several different brands. All of them were okay, more or less – they got rid of some of the oil, and I could manage to skip my shower every second day. It wasn’t perfect, but it was an improvement.

Recently I was looking for a dry shampoo in travel size because I was on my way to catch a flight and was only taking carry-on luggage. The drugstore near the airport had just one option for travel-size dry shampoo – Batiste in a little “cherry” bottle, Fruity and Cheeky Cherry fragrance. I was nervous about trying a new product while traveling, but what choice did I have? I bought it.

Well, it was love at first sight (or first spray, anyway). I use it all the time now and haven’t looked back. It has a great fragrance, no residue, and my hair truly looks and feels like I’ve just washed it. It isn’t just “good enough” or “better than nothing.” It really is every bit as good as shampooing my hair. With just a light spray, my hair goes from limp and oily to volumized, bright and clean. The volume really is an added bonus: by lifting the roots, it leaves my hair looking thicker even as it cleans up the oil. I’ve finally said goodbye to washing my hair each and every morning, and with less blow-drying, my hair is looking healthier too. Of all the products I’ve tried, none has allowed me to go this long between shampoos – now I only wash my hair once every 3 days.

Here’s how to use it: First I lift up sections of my hair to expose the roots. I spray a generous amount of the dry shampoo on my roots, concentrating on the part and temples. Next I use a brush to distribute it a bit. Sometimes I use it before bed so that in the morning I get up with grease-free hair.

I haven’t yet tried all of them, but so far I like the Fruity and Cheeky Cherry fragrance the best.

You can find Batiste in the hair care aisle of many stores, such as Ulta, Kroeger and Walgreens, or you can even purchase it online. I had given up on finding an affordable dry shampoo that really worked until I found Batiste. If you suffer from oily hair, try it for yourself and you too will be able to experience a day without shampoo.

Enjoy! 🙂