Redken Shampoo Review

Redken, an American company, is known for their line of high-quality styling and hair care products. Redken’s name is derived from Jherri Redding and Paula Kent, the founders of the company. True Redken products can only be purchased at salons; the ones you see for sale in other shops or even online are “diverted” and not considered to be genuine. Some are counterfeit, while others are expired or contaminated stock. So, to be sure that Redken products are the real thing, purchase them only from salons. This company produces a wide variety of products, such as styling products designed for short or long hair, women or men, straight hair or curly hair, as well as shampoos and conditioners that are also customized for different hair types. Redken’s products can help you to achieve the look you are aiming for. Their line also includes products to help with thinning hair and other problems. Redken not only manufactures an extensive line of products, but also trains hair stylists to help you create your perfect look, You can find Redken salons in Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand. Redken Shampoo ReviewThis review is of a shampoo called Cleanse Cream by Redken. This shampoo is among the most popular items in the Redken line, and listed as one of their “People’s Choice” hair products. It gently removes dirt and buildup from styling products from your hair without stripping and drying the hair in the process. The product is so gentle that anyone can use it regardless of hair type. We know that using hair sprays, gels and other styling products can cause residue to build up on our hair no matter how often we shampoo. Using Cleanse Cream you can remove the buildup and leave your hair shiny and soft. This high-end product is often recommended by stylists. Fruit acids in the shampoo restore shine to your hair, and the product leaves your hair feeling refreshed and clean. This is a welcome change after built-up product and dirt have been flattening and weighing down your hair for a while. It’s also worth saying that this product was designed specifically for removing buildup and mineral deposits, so you should use it as an occasional alternative to your usual shampoo. It is very simple to use: As with any shampoo, work it through your hair; then rinse it. If there is a large amount of buildup on your hair, repeat the process but leave it in for five or ten minutes before rinsing very thoroughly. Customer reviews note that you need to give the product time to work in order to get full results. Reviewers praise Redken Cleans for cleaning thoroughly but not stripping hair in the process. Swimmers and people with hard tap water rave about the way it removes chemicals such as chlorine. After using it, your hair will feel soft and squeaky clean. The fragrance is slightly fruity and pleasant, without being overwhelming. One Redken product review notes: This product is not a replacement for your daily shampoo, but a supplementary treatment to be used on occasion. For best results, use it on a regular basis, such as one or two times per week. It can also be used on occasion, for example when the buildup in your hair becomes noticeable and problematic. Depending on how much styling product you normally use (as well as other environmental factors like hard water), you may be better off using it more or less often. Regular use without overuse will leave your hair healthy and vibrant. This product is a valuable addition to the other products in your hair care regimen. It can be used on any type of hair, including permed, relaxed or color-treated. It has a great fragrance and will make a noticeable difference to your hair. Once you give it a try, you’ll never go back! If you want clean, shining hair that looks healthy and smells great, you can’t do better than Cleanse Cream from Redken.