Skin-spirational hair heroes – Part 2


BB or blemish balm creams have not been unpopular since they arrived from Asia in the UK, and virtually every major brand has a version.

Clearly, hair does not get blemishes, but BB styling creams execute a similar multi tasking use by removing cuticles, taming frizz and shielding against heat damage, to allow them to be applied to dry or damp hair.

Scruples Design Foundation BB Creme for Hair, ?17.95 (, functions nicely on thick hair, while Wella Eimi Perfect Me Lightweight BB Lotion, ?6.95 (, is perfect for finer textures.

Dove Innovative Hair Youthful Energy Hair BB Cream, now reduced to ?3.47 from ?6.99, is invented having a UV filter for mature hair types (


Frances Wright tries out an advanced technique that assures shapely, sculpted brows, even if they are thin in the first place.

“While I recline and relax, my eyebrow therapist Natalie blends my bespoke gel and pigment to complement my colouring, then starts the filling procedure, squeezing minutely fine threads of gel one at the same time into my brows using a wire wand, to get that real hair-strand look. The process is totally painless and only 20 minutes after, my brows are appearing considerably more total, although not within an artificial drawn-on way.

“I have since had comparisons to brillbrowed celebrity Brooke Shields, so I can not whine, and a week after, my newfound brows are still going strong (they are designed to last three months).”

LoLa Brows from Lash Perfect start at ?10 for a tiny infill and?25-?45 to get a complete treatment. To get your closest salon, telephone 0208 500 9028 or go to


Face blotting papers are actually helpful for taking in excess oil and maintaining make up under control through the day, however they are also quite fiddly and may wind up disintegrated in the base of your bag. The most recent launch from Attractiveness Blender (the people who make those awesome egg shaped base sponges) rectifies that problem. The Blotterrazzi, ?16, is a blotting sponge which arrives in a convenient plastic compact and could be washed and reused again and again (

Snatch a set of pink, lightweight THX Complete Hair Specialists Groups Straighteners – perfect for weekends away and hand luggage-only trips – for simply ?12 (down from ?18), from September 4-to October 10 at Tesco (