Sulfate Free Clarifying Shampoo

Does your hair seem to be dull, unhealthy and lifeless even though you are careful about maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle? If so, you’re probably wondering why this is happening. The most likely explanation for your problem is one that a lot of people are now experiencing – buildup. Styling products leave behind residue on your hair. Even if you use high-end lines of hair products, built-up residue can let you down by making your hair look and feel weighed down. Chlorine, air pollutants and other substances in your environment can also contribute to buildup. The good news is that a good clarifying shampoo can deal with this troublesome issue and restore your hair to its healthy shiny state. The most common active ingredient in clarifying shampoos is sulfate. Sulfates create lather, which suspends particles of dirt in your hair, allowing them to be washed away as you rinse. There is one unfortunate side-effect of this process: sulfates can also strip the natural oils away from your hair, making it dried-out and prone to damage. Clearly this is not going to help you achieve shiny, healthy, beautiful hair. If you don’t like using personal care products that contain harsh chemicals, you may be wondering if it’s possible to find a product that will remove buildup and still be gentle on your hair. No need to worry; there are clarifying shampoos on the market that are free of sulfates, and that work effectively without being harsh on your scalp and hair. When looking at labels, the specific ingredients you want to avoid are Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate. These are the chemicals that can damage your hair, leading to breakage and excessive dryness. Other chemicals that appear as a long list of words ending in “sulfate” are also in this category, and should be avoided. Look for products containing natural ingredients instead.

Best Sulfate Free Clarifying Shampoo

Try to find shampoos that contain Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate, a substance extracted from palm kernels that is safe even for colored hair. If you are looking for products with natural ingredients, here are some of the best sulfate-free natural products for clarifying hair.

1. NaturOli Soap Nut Extreme Hair Shampoo

NaturOli Soap Nut Extreme Hair ShampooNaturOli is the best choice if you’re looking for natural ingredients and a gentle product that won’t ever damage your hair. This company is committed to using only ingredients found in nature to clean your hair. Derivatives from soapberry (which is also known as soap berry nut or soap nut) are their signature ingredient. This remarkable plant comes all the way from the Himalayas. Soapberry shells contain saponin, a substance that acts as a powerful cleanser. It’s the closest thing to soap found in nature. Because of their safety and effectiveness, NaturOli’s line of products, including Extreme Hair Shampoo, are used by salons and spas worldwide. As well as being sulfate-free, this amazing clarifying shampoo contains no silicones, parabens or animal-tested ingredients. It is vegan, completely natural, and totally safe for hair. This natural product will invigorate your scalp and revitalize your hair, but it is so gentle that there is no danger of excessively drying or weakening your hair. You will get the exact results that you are looking for. It is available in two different formulas: one is for oily hair and one is for dry hair. Both these shampoos are free of fragrance. If natural is your top priority, this shampoo should be your first choice.

2. Pureology Purify Shampoo

Pureology Purify ShampooThis is another product line that is very popular with top-quality salons that care about their customers’ hair. The cutting-edge technology of Pureology’s clarifying treatment makes it a good choice for maintaining healthy hair. This brand is especially noted for making products to nurture hair that has been color-treated. The ingredients in Pureology’s formulas keep your hair color looking vibrant and lasting longer. These shampoos do not contain silicones and sulfates that can weigh down and dry out your hair. This exquisitely mild and sulfate free formula contains natural ingredients extracted from coconut, sugar and corn, as well as tea tree oil, witch hazel and baking soda. Many of these ingredients are probably already found in your kitchen or medicine cabinet! The shampoo removes buildup while the rosemary and peppermint treat your senses to an invigorating fresh fragrance that lasts throughout the day. Not only will you be avoiding chemicals that can harm your body and the environment, but you’ll be detoxifying your hair at the same time. For healthy, shiny hair, Pureology is the natural choice!

3. Sofn’Free GroHealth Nothing But Clarifying Shampoo

Sofn’Free GroHealthy Nothing But Clarifying ShampooHave you recently stopped using straighteners or relaxers, but still want to have great-looking hair? Products in the Sofn’Free line contain no petroleum, parabens, mineral oils or colorants. This is just what you need for healthy natural hair. Products in this line are designed to protect hair from the elements and heat damage, and to moisturize your hair. If you want to maintain healthy hair in its natural state, Nothing But Clarifying Shampoo is the best choice for you. The name of this product says it all. It contains nothing but the ingredients that work best for cleansing your hair. If you use it twice or three times every month, you will soon be able to see the effects for yourself. Once again you will have shining, bouncing hair that is restored to its own natural state of health and beauty. This product’s active ingredients include citric acid, d-Limone, Citral (for scent), and Sodium Lauroamphoacetate (for lather and cleansing). There are also essential oils for fragrance, and advanced technologies to prevent breakage and bacterial growth. This product is so gentle that even children can use it. Treat your family and yourself to this shampoo today! All three of these products are excellent options if you are looking for natural alternatives to the usual sulfate-laden clarifying shampoos. You will have peace of mind as well as healthy, beautiful hair.