Tips for surviving Ladies Day at the Galway Races: Spare

Tips for surviving Ladies Day at the Galway Races: Spare underwear, Dry Shampoo and Killer heels – Part 2 6. Paste Wearing false nails and fake eye lashes? Don’t forget to carry BOTH paste bottles. Perhaps you have managed to keep nails and eye lashes night as well as all day after one application? (Just). So they’re simple to bring along only remember where you place them so you can find them in case of an emergency, both bottles of adhesive are super streamlined. Pharmacies and Boots are in the event you are stuck at the top of Eyre Square in Galway check Matt O’Flahertys, and you greatest options for paste. 7. An Umbrella So it’s promised to rain a minimum of when throughout the day that is fashionable, let us face it, it is Galway. Should you not bring a brolly, all your elaborate makeup and hair will soon be washed away to crap! Since the chances of it which makes it is way out of the city is quite small to nil do not get an umbrella that is expensive. Do not stress, they’re sold outside the property of the race track close to the fun fair, in case you don’t remember to bring one with you. 8. Band aids The majority people fall prey to ‘breaking in’ our new heels at race week and it just means one thing – blisters! Pack the gel soles and blister plasters along with some band aids. With plenty of walking to and from the finest dressed tent to the betting ring, give your feet as much TLC that you can as it is sometimes a long day in your feet and back to the parade ring. Additionally the nerve pathways encompassing the track are grass and gravel which may be a cause for harm. 9. Additional cash Would you like to invest one hour queuing for that ATM as the events are occurring? Make sure before descending on the race track, to obtain cash out in Galway city. Pubs don’t take card provide just as much cash while you need. There are a lot of ATM machines for when you return to party, in the city centre. You will never understand when you will have to get that umbrella you’ll certainly forget so bring additional cash ladies or when you may need that extra drink! 10. A handbag that is large In the event you actually will get everything on our list you’ll need a big bag to take all of it. Get the oversize handbag and get everything such as the kitchen sink inside. You always have the option to bring along a clutch for the pictures – select among the women to create a big bag. You’ll be glad the pumps can be whipped by you out of your bag and if the balls of the feet are burning. 11. A dress that is extra You might have set weeks and weeks of training and planning in your outfit for the afternoon. From the head piece for the nail polish in your toes but it’s the most busy race meeting of the season and it will get quite active so when the evening involves a detailed there may be an opportunity of Guinness spilling and torrential downpour Because a Guinness stain is not a good luck on Instagram, in case have another dress packaged.